Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There and Back Again!

So I made this blog for my trip to New Zealand!
Will be at Massey University in Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand!

Sarah+haka = sarahaka.

When I first applied to study abroad, I chose New Zealand for a few simple reasons...
1) I didn't have to learn a new language (yes, they speak english in New Zealand)
2) The deadline to apply was May 2, as opposed to Feb 2 for practically every other country (and I made the decision to apply sometime in January... so there would have been no way to finish an application by Feb 2)
3) I love polynesian culture (I'll be doing Maori Studies)
4) It was $10,000 cheaper than studying in Australia
5) It was as far away from home as possible!

I'm a little too antsy because I'm already practically packed, despite the fact that I leave in 19 days. But, at least I know I'm ready!
Plus it makes me feel like I'm getting something done instead of sitting around waiting for the day to come that I up and leave the US of A.
I'm sad to leave mis amigos, Leonard, my family, my baby Sundance and all the fantastic food in LA.
But, hey, I'm going to New Zealand!! And it's only a year...

Some background info on this trip to come, and from here on out, only ENZED posts!
I'll be leaving for Auckland Jan 31 so expect this to be updated then.

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  1. Well I am officially following your blog now so prepare to be stalked BIG TIME! New Zealand for a year sounds amazinggg. I am planning on studying in Chile for six months but it won't be until Jan 2011 so I'm excited to see how everyone else's experiences abroad turn out. Have fun Sarah!