Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This entry will be short, but I will make it add to it sometime in the future.
I'm in Otaki, the smallest town I think I've ever resided in.
The air is silent and sweet. Stepping outside, all you hear is the occassional car lazily driving down the highway 1, which is 2 lanes total. Inhale, and it's the freshest air. The only thing tainting this air is the aroma of fresh, green plants which surround and reside within the town.
Occassionaly a bird will cry in the distance, a song which I have never heard, and always something beautiful.
In the backyard of the house I'm staying at is a "proper bush," which is not a typical tree here and there forest. It is so thick and green that I cannot see much further than 5 feet away. The center of town has quite a few shops, but still certainly is not Rodeo dr.
There is a stream or two that run through the town and is untouched by the town, as opposed to the washes and creaks that run down concrete hallways specially designed for human convenience. The houses are made on large properties with few fences and wide streets.
my first full day here I was taken to the center of town then to the beach, which was the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. It stretched on longer than a model's legs and was nothing but black sand littered with shells and stormy clouds. Pure, simple beauty.
There are beaches one vacations to, which are white and blue, warm and crowded. and there are beaches which are breath-taking. This was breath-taking.
Today consisted of driving down to Wellington through cloud-shrowded hills and vast coastlines. Visited the museum Te Papa which had plenty of culture and history, complete with interractive children's sections (which I found much more entertaining than the rest of it).

okay I can't think of anything else, but I'll write more thoughtful posts another time.
All I can say is I feel completely different and feel completely lost, yet happy.

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