Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Bloom

again with the posts...!
I have food and a pot and I've never felt so complete!
I can cook rice, which can be made with beans and then ketchup on top, salad on the side.. a perfect meal for me.
I have hot cross buns, which I thought was a childhood song based on a mythological object.
THEY EXIST. and are delicious.
I have soup and nutella and weet-bix.
I feel set for at least 2 weeks..
I think I am going to the beach tomorrow, as well as the gym.
I feel good.
Watched Valentine's Day, which was TERRIBAD! there was one moment where zach and I started laughing hysterically and no one else was.
[ having watched a movie based in LA, it was a strange sensation. Watching a film about home in a completely foreign country.. it almost felt like I was home again and I completely forgot all the students around me were kiwi (well, most). I really missed LA for the first time. ]
I've somewhat forgotten what the sun feels like as it's been overcast for sooo long.
I miss my puppy xena and my baby sunny.
I walked barefoot across a giant grass field in the rain chasing ducks today wearing only shorts and a t-shirt.


  1. mmmm hot cross mythological buns. sounds delicious.

  2. Hot Cross Buns?!?! Oh.... that is such a big part of my life!!!! Take a photo & post, please.