Thursday, March 25, 2010

Land of Make Believe

Something I never thought I'd actually do: Fly to Tonga and stay on a beach fale.
Something I'll be doing in 2 weeks: Flying to Tonga and staying on a beach fale.
I was planning on doing the South Island for my 2 week break, but then my (Best) friend (EVER) Zach said he was going to Tonga for a week, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass.
Before I left for NZ I was really intent on staying in one of the Pacific Islands for a bit because I really wanted to see more Islander culture than just Māori... But, I convinced myself from it because of prices and not wanting to go alone.
However, when I found out that Zach was actually going I knew I had to! It was a sign! And really cheap!
Total cost for about 5 days of Tongan adventure =
$290 US round trip from Auckland to Nukualofa (Tonga)
$90 US one-way from Nukualofa to Ha'api (smaller island in the archipelago)
$121 US round trip boat ride to beach fale, 5 days of meals and stay, and round trip taxi
so, ~$500 which, I think, is WELL WORTH IT!

Another point of excitement for this upcoming break:
Finally getting my horse of rohan tattoo on April 8th at 11 am.
I've been planning on this tattoo for about two years now and I'm more than excited to get it because 1) I've been craving a tattoo for ages and 2) the artist is really good.

Also, going to Taupo for a day! Which probably isn't that exciting, but I'm always up for something I've never done before and doing it alone is always an adventure for me. I was just going to take a bus right up to Auckland but decided an 8 hour bus ride didn't sound appealing.. so I'm stopping in Taupo.

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